About Us

Lovely Planet Travel Advisers (or “Lovely Planet PH”) is a full service Travel & Tours Company based in Cebu City which specializes in Budget Travels, Trip Planning, Adventure Tour Packages, and in pushing Philippine Tourism by promoting local destinations in the Philippines, especially in Cebu.

Lovely Planet PH was founded by two Gentlemen, a Father & Son tandem (Tony and Jan Hilado), who believed that Traveling is the key to long lasting happiness, stronger relationships, better health, financial freedom and self fulfillment. They believed that traveling is not an option, but a necessity in fulfilling one’s destiny and purpose in life.

Mission & Vision

The “Soul” Purpose of the company is to be able to provide this sense of fulfillment and happiness to everyone who desires, by offering affordable and quality travel and tour packages and services not only to Local Philippine Destinations but to other International Destinations as well.

We believe that traveling shouldn’t be expensive and should be accessible to anyone.

The Men Behind The Company

Tony & Jan who are both Adventure Lovers and Adrenaline Junkies who not only loves to travel just for the sheer pleasure, but is also obsessed in seeking new heights, conquering old fears, and facing new challenges by climbing the highest mountain peaks around the world like the Mt. Apo in Davao, Philippines, and the Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. They believed that to be able to conquer mountains and be at the top of the world is comparable to facing challenges and being the best you can be in Real Life. For them, it is in that moment, when you are at the highest peak, that you learn to be humble and appreciate that this is a Lovely Planet we are in after all.

Products & Services Offered:

We have to be blunt: WE ARE NOT YOUR USUAL TRAVEL AGENCY. We don’t cater to everyone. We don’t just offer products and services that are readily available from other travel agencies around you.

We Don’t Just Offer:

– Airline Ticketing
– Hotel Reservation
– Land Transportation Services
– Bundlded Travel Packages
– Travel Consultation
– Vacation Planning
– Sightseeing and Tours


– New Experiences
– Adventures of a Lifetime
– Thrills & Excitement
– Relationships Strengthened
– Conquering Old Fears
– Learning New Cultures
– Meeting & Making New Friends
– Opening More Opportunities

We also focus on promoting Philippine Tourism by pushing packages for Local Destinations. Because we believe in the saying:

“Huwag Maging Dayuhan Sa Sariling Bayan” (Don’t Be A Foreigner In Your Own Country).

So Travel More, Travel Often, Travel Now!